Associate Prof. Dexin Kong

College of Life Sciences,
South China Agricultural University,

Guangzhou, Guangdong 510642, China


Ph.D. (Botany)

South China Agricultural University (SCAU), China, 2013

Ø  M.S. (Medicinal plant resources and utilization)

Guangxi University, China, 2009

Ø  Henan institute of science and technologyChina, 2004

Ø  Professional Biography

Ø  Dr. Dexin Kong used to work in Guangxi Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences from 2009 to 2013. He obtained the doctor’s degree from South China Agricultural University in 2017, and then joined the lab of Professor Haiyang Wang. His research focus is on the key genes (e.g., ZmSPLs) and regulatory networks controlling important agronomic traits in maize, including plant architecture, epidermal cell (hair and stomata) fate determination.


Ø  Area of Expertise

Ø  Plant anotomy and reproductive biology; Plant molecular and developmental biology; Immunocytochemistry; Phytochemistry.

Selected Publications

1. Dexin Kong; Baobao Wang; Haiyang Wang*; UPA2 and ZmRAVL1: Promising targets of genetic improvement of maize plant architecture, Journal Integrative Plant Biology, 2020, 62(4):394-397.

2. Hongbin Wei; Dexin Kong; Juan Yang; Haiyang Wang*; Light Regulation of Stomatal Development and Patterning: Shifting the Paradigm from Arabidopsis to Grasses, Plant Communications, 2020, 1, 100030.

3. Yanqun Li#; Dexin Kong#; Mei Bai; Hanjun He; Haiyang Wang*; Hong Wu*; Correlation of the temporal and spatial expression patterns of HQT with the biosynthesis and accumulation of chlorogenic acid in Lonicera japonica flowers, Horticulture Research, 2019 (6):73.

4. Yang Liu; Hongbin Wei; Ma Mengdi; Li Quanquan; Kong Dexin; Sun Juan; Ma Xiaojing; Wang Baobao; Chen Cuixia; Xie Yurong; Wang Haiyang*; Arabidopsis FHY3 and FAR1 regulate the balance between growth and defense responses under shade conditions, Plant Cell,2019, 31(9): 2089-2106.

5. Baobao Wang#; Zechuan Lin #; Xin Li #; Yongping Zhao; Binbin Zhao; Guangxia Wu; Xiaojing Ma; Hai Wang; Yurong Xie; Quanquan Li; Guangshu Song; Dexin Kong; Zhigang Zheng; Hongbin Wei; Rongxin Shen; Hong Wu; Cuixia Chen; Zhaodong Meng; Tianyu Wang; Yu Li; Xinhai Li; Yanhui Chen; Jinsheng Lai; Hufford Matthew B.; Ross-Ibarra Jeffrey; Hang He*; Haiyang Wang *; Genome-wide selection and genetic improvement during modern maize breeding, Nature Genetics, 2020,

6.Yanqun Li#, Dexin Kong#, Ying Fu, Sussman M R, Wu Hong. The effect of developmental and environmental factors secondary metabolites in medicinal plants. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 2020, 148: 80-89

7.Dexin Kong#, Yanqun Li#, Mei Bai, Han-jun He, Guang-xin Liang, Hong Wu* Correlation between the dynamic accumulation of the main effective components and their associated regulatory enzyme activities at different growth stages in Lonicera japonica Thunb. Industrial Crops and Products, 2017,96, 16–22.

8.Dexin Kong#, Yanqun Li#, Mei Bai, Yali Deng, Guang-xin Liang, Hong Wu* A comparative study of the dynamic accumulation of polyphenol components and the changes in their antioxidant activities in diploid and tetraploid Lonicera japonica. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 2017,112, 87-96.

9.Dexin Kong#, Yanqun Li#, Manlian Wang, Mei Bai, Rong Zou, Hui Tang, Hong Wu*. Effects of light intensity on leaf photosynthetic characteristics, chloroplast structure, and alkaloid content of Mahoniabodinieri(Gagnep.) Laferr. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum. 2016, 38:120. 4.

10.YanqunLi, Dexin Kong, Rongshao Huang, Huiliang Liang, ChuanguiXu, Hong Wu*. Variations in essential oil yield and composition of different development stages of C. cassia. Industrial Crops and Products, 2013, 47, 92-101.