On April 26th, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province forwarded the official approval of the establishment of Guangzhou Dublin International College of Life Sciences and Technology (GDIC) at South China Agricultural University from the Ministry of Education.

GDIC is going to enroll 720 students, 180 per year starting from 2020. The college offers three undergraduate programs: life science and technology, food quality and safety, and horticulture. All of them are 4+0 joint degree programs, which enables the students to pursue overseas education without going abroad. Students enrolled in GDIC can obtain the graduation diploma from SCAU, bachelor’s degree from both SCAU and University College Dublin if they meet the graduation requirements.

Guangzhou-Dublin International College of Life Sciences and Technology is established under the support of key disciplines of both universities, which effectively integrates overseas quality education resources into the overall process of talents cultivation. The approval of GDIC is a milestone in the development of SCAU.

(Source: Xiao Yuhan/International Office)

Translation by Zhou Wenjing

Proofread by Li Yingqi