The college has a doctoral degree authorization point for first-level biology, and has 5 doctoral degree authorization points and 5 master degree authorization points for botany, biochemistry and molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, and cell biology. Recruiting and cultivating PhDs in genetics and breeding disciplines and enrolling and cultivating masters in grass science and bioengineering (professional masters).

【Cultivation Objective】 Cultivate high-level academic and applied talents who can meet the needs of my country's socialist modernization and develop comprehensively in morality, intelligence, and physical education.

【Cultivation method】Graduate students adopt a combination of curriculum learning and scientific research. Implement the tutor responsibility system based on scientific research. Encourage the establishment of guidance groups based on mentors to play the role of collective guidance.

【Course setting】Course learning is based on the credit system. Doctoral students should complete at least 14 credits, and master students should complete at least 26 credits. In addition to politics, other theoretical courses correspond to 1 credit per 18 hours, and each course does not exceed 3 credits. There is no limit to the number of experimental hours. The curriculum is divided into degree courses, elective courses and supplementary courses. Postgraduate courses generally take one year.