Prof. Feipeng Chen

College of Life Sciences,
South China Agricultural University,

Guangzhou, Guangdong 510642, China
Tel: +86-20-85280186 (O)


  • Ph.D. (Botany)

South China Agricultural University, China, 2003

  • M.S. (Botany)

Zhongshan University, China, 1986

  • B.S. (Botany)

Zhongshan University, China, 1983

Professional Biography

Dr. Feipeng Chen worked as a lecturer in College of Life Sciences, SCAU from 1986 to 1995, and filled a associate professor position in the SCAU in late 1995.  He has severed as a professor of the College of Life Sciences, SCAU since the end of 2002. Prof. Chen’s lab now focuses on plant community, ecological modelling and simulation.

Area of Expertise

Botany; Plant Community; Ecology

Selected Publications

  1. Chen Feipeng, Xu Wenqiang, Yang Xue, Lu Hongfang. (2012) A Review of Eucalyptus Plantation Growth Model. World Forestry Research 25(4): 34-38.

  2. Chen Feipeng, Li Mouzhao, Ji Shuyi. (2002) Optimization Study on the Planting Structure of Sanshui City of Northwest Pearl River Delta. Chinese Journal of Ecology 21(1):42-44.

  3. Chen Feipeng, Luo Shiming, Xie Zhengsheng, Wu Qitang. (2003) The actuality and teaching reform of the environmental education for the non-environmental specialty student. Science & Technology Progress and Policy 9: 15-17

  4. Chen Fei-Peng,WANG Dian-Pei,JI Shu-Yi, XING Fu-Wu. (2001) Clustering Analysis on Natural Plant Communities of Nanshan in Shenzhen City. Journal of Wuhan Botanical Research195):385-390.

  5. XU Wenqiang, YANG Xue, CHEN Feipeng*, CHEN Yingying. (2014) Modeling and Simulation of Atmospheric CO2 Concentration in the Downtown of Dongguan City. Environmental Science & Technology 37(6):103-109.

  6. WANG Dian-pei, JI Shu-yi, CHEN Fei-peng*, XING Fu-wu, CHEN Guo-hua. (2002) A Study on the Seed Plant Flora of Nanshan Natural Second Forest in Shenzhen City. Forest Research l 15(5):547-554

  7. CHEN Fei-peng, LI Mou-zhao, WANG Dian-bei, LAN Sheng-fang. (2002) Comprehensive Evaluation of the Cultivation System in Sanshui City of the Northwest Pearl River Delta. Journal of South China Agricultural University(Natural Science Edition) 23(2):1-4

  8. Chen Feipeng, Li Mouzhao. (2001) Clustering Analysis of the Paddy Field Weed Community in Nanhong, Hainan Province. Journal of South China Agricultural University 20(4):107-110