Associate prof.YutingLiu 

College of Life Sciences,
South China Agricultural University,

Guangzhou,Guangdong 510642, China


  • Ph.D.(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

SouthChina Agricultural University (SCAU), China, 2014

  • M.S.(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

SouthChina Agricultural University (SCAU), China, 2011

  • B.S.(Bioengineering)

ShanxiAgriculturalUniversity(SXAU),China, 2008


Dr.YutingLiuworked as Research Assistant in HaixiaInstitute of Science and Technology (HIST) of Fujian Agriculture andForestry University from2015to 2017inFuzhou, China. I haveworkedas Associateprofessorof the College of Life Sciences, SCAU since 2018.Now joined as a team member of Wang Haiyang professor’s lab, Ifocuson plant developmentalbiology,aimed to elucidate the crosstalk mechnism of hormone signaling andlight signal pathway on plant growth and development.  

Areaof Expertise

Hormonesignaling transduction;Plant Stem Cell maintanance;


1.LiuY, Xu M, Liang N, Zheng Y, Yu Q and Wu S*. Symplasticcommunication spatially directs local auxin biosynthesisto maintain root stem cell niche in Arabidopsis.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A,  2017, 114(15):4005-4010.

2.Liu Y#, Dong Q#, Kita D, Huang J, Liu G, Wu X, Zhu X, Cheung AY,Wu H-M, and Tao L-Z*. RopGEF1 plays a critical role in polar auxintransport in early development. Plant physiology, 2017,175(1):157-171.